by Bad Dreams

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Bad dreams 2013 | Binghamton, NY


released February 11, 2013

Recorded and Mastered by Jeremy Kinney



all rights reserved


Bad Dreams Binghamton, New York


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Track Name: Intro
we're getting too close
the warmth of your tone
will only cloud my windows
I no longer see hope
I no long call this my home
Track Name: Tether
Lets get this straight,
There never was a plan to go on.
The only thing you said was try and stay awake.
I hope this makes sense,
and I hope this makes your fucking skin crawl,
And leaves unbearable images trapped inside your head.

I'm wearing thin.

It's just another night that I can't think straight,
I always end up feeling sorry for myself,
I've spent my whole life behind window panes.
Hoping that watching real life,
Would help me feel like I'm alive.
Although I'm wrong,
I still fucking try.

So give me a break.
They never asked for my opinion.
And though I give and give, I always seem to take.
A distempered mess,
A man who built his walls with reason,
A man who swore to himself he would never rest.

So stay awake.
Just stay awake.
Track Name: Anthony
On my 28th
i couldn't seem to find my trust
in anyone, in anyone
we said out loud
that he would be just fine
and all i thought about
was all the rest of us

i'm still scared
i wondered where god was
or if he even cared
i still don't think he does

it all happened so fast
in utter disbelief
I wouldn't let those feelings pass
not even through my teeth
you gave me so much to believe in
now its all gone
you showed me what i'm running from

for weeks on end i couldn't catch my breath
we kept our heads held low
we all kept to ourselves
we'd always wonder if we'd ever see his face again
and when the smoke all clears
i still wont understand
Track Name: Choke
I cant sleep with the thought of you still next to me
I'm starting to disgust myself with all these words
I kept pent up inside my chest, i turned my back on
those who never left

and stuck in my head was just a simple melody
to a song that i once heard that made me think
that i had a core of coal somewhere inside of me
i felt it start to crawl into my bed
and i can still feel all of this
just building up inside of me making my opinion change
and i can see

it makes me fucking sick to say
that i was such a shitty friend
i taught myself to feel this way
you taught me how to fear the end
and everything that i thought was beautiful
you made a mess inside my head
and told me i should just go home

if i could only find the roads
they're buried underneath the snow