Die Eventually

by Bad Dreams

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released June 3, 2014

Written and Performed by Bad Dreams
Produced/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Jeremy Kinney
Artwork by Trevor Nash



all rights reserved


Bad Dreams Binghamton, New York


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Track Name: At The Bottom
The end of the day, the day I never knew, it all escaped me when I escaped you. A storm inside me, the wind blows right through. I severed all ties and I, and I know that things won’t be the same, and that’s okay. I know things won’t be the same, and that’s exactly what I wanted from you. It’s hard to know just not enough time, it’s hard to say it feels like I’m spinning around again staring at the wall, hoping that it all makes sense. Spinning around again, waiting for the fall, just hoping that I’ll see you at the bottom. The end of my rope, the short straw you drew. I wish I would have hoped I’d never know you. The weight off your chest, to know you’re a fool, I severed all ties.
Track Name: Die Eventually
What happened when you found out what’d happen when you’d leave the comfort of your own house, these walls that help you breathe? A present passing tide now, a passive past few weeks, went wasted bringing up how we’d wither willingly. All that’s left behind, it’s not enough for me. Unconscious minds confined to find complaint convenient. Become your own fault; it’s all you’ll ever be. Focus on your own flaws; they’re all that’s left to see. I’ll be all of your blind doubt; I’ll never let you sleep. Unsatisfied, afraid of life, you’ll die eventually. Unsatisfied, you’ll die eventually.
Track Name: Not Worth Saving
I’ll no longer shut my eyes. Will I ever shed this dead skin? It feels like something’s weighing me down, it slowly drags me in. I’d much rather let it go, much rather let it sink in, and forget everything I know. Forget everything I’m thinking. I just want to know, that the past it will stay everything right where I left it. I now know what I've been dying to say to you. Please just go. Don’t let it take away from you and all you know. Don’t choke yourself on words that aren't worth saying. I’m not worth saving. I won’t let you turn me to stone.
Track Name: Season After
The season came and went, did you occupy enough your time to forget what I said? A mess I've made before. I've been spending my time on the colder side of a slamming fucking door. Things won’t just change. Time wasted waiting to react. It’s hard to say. It feels like I’m standing in my grave. It all just feels the same. I’ll remember your name. Do you ever think about the time lost? Do you ever wonder if we’ll get it back?
Track Name: Unsatisfied
I’ll stay out of the sun; I won’t say your name to anyone. I’ll keep holding on your grudge, I won’t change for anyone. Remember when you said to me that our love was only dependency? Unsatisfied afraid of life I would die eventually. I know it’s not your fault; it’s just where I've been keeping all my thoughts locked away. So I could have them if ever I got lost. You’re the saddest song I ever wrote, your skin grows colder with every note. The hopeless piece you kept of me, you’ll die with them eventually.
Track Name: Where You Left Me
I've been sleeping where you left me still.
I’ll carry on when my body decides that it desires it will.
I’m counting all my blessings,
You’re counting on some fucking fill to make you feel.

I've been cold; I've just been sitting here trapped in my skin.
I've grown old, turned grey every hair on my goddamn head.
Don’t you tell me that it’s not that bad, it never lasts,
it always comes back.
This feeling that I should be keeping track

all this time that you spent clawing at your skin.
I've just been thinking of ways to be better than this.

This is all just a mistake.
It’s not up to you to decide the lives you take.
It’s not fair to those of us who wait,
and try to convince ourselves that everything’s okay.

Don’t lie to me,
Don’t pretend you’re making it easier for me.