I Didn't Want This On My Mind

by Bad Dreams

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released May 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Bad Dreams Binghamton, New York


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Track Name: I Didn't Want This
I feel closer to who I was
Further away from everything I trust
And now there's nothing left to say, there's nothing left of us
And I could never understand the way you just

Turn to stone, as if it makes this easier
Find your own way home, I never wanted this

We can only say goodbye
The passing days will pass away just passing time
It must get lonely trapped in your mind
Day after the day the days just aren't worth your time

And I'll just close my eyes and tell myself I'm fine
Pretend that I prefer this strain upon my mind

I know I'm wrong
I know that I am just a parasite, a leech upon your thigh
And what I love, because loves not a lie
It's all dependency on things that we despise

I didn't want this, I never did
Track Name: On My Mind
Shattered broken glass
The flame before my face would pass
A broken dream
A distraught past
The things you love will never last
Don't get attached

Getting older
Getting bored
I no longer get anything

Nothing ever stays the same
Just close your eyes
I never chose to hurt you
But I never had the choice
I lost my voice

You never told me that
We were counting down to this
I still don't take it back
I don't think you could handle that

It's all starting to make sense